The Magnesium Home Page

Welcome to the un-official Magnesium Home Page. Although this was the first comprehensive magnesium home page, new entrants now claim "official" status. We aim to provide a site for those interested in magnesium metal production and the production of magnesium metal components. It grew from the distinct lack of information on magnesium on the web (some have now copied some of my information). This page has been designed for the following reasons:

We hope that you utilise this page to its full advantage and we look forward to your comments and suggestions. Just follow the links below.

Current WWW publishing thinking suggests that adding completely unrelated links to other sites on the web can vastly improve access to one's web site. As a result, on the bottom of each section of The Magnesium Home Page, we will add some unrelated links to sites that we think are worth checking out. Keep an eye out for them! Here are some to get you started:

Australian Net Guide Magazine
Our friends at Ford Australia

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