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Recycling of sulphur hexafluoride

Sulphur heaxfluoride gas is now recognised as one of the world's worst greenhouse gases. Because of its high chemical stability, it remains in the upper atmosphere of the earth much longer than carbon dioxide.

The magnesium industry uses about 20% of the sulphur hexafluoride produced worldwide and most of this is discharged directly to the atmosphere. A number of companies are developing recycling and capture systems for the magnesium industry. Below are posts from the companies involved

From Danny Englander, Carbon Membranes Ltd (Israel)
Carbon Membranes Ltd. has developed an SF6 recovery system based on its novel Carbon Molecular Sieve Membranes. This system operates well at low SF6 concentrations, and can efficiently recover SF6 from a magnesium melting crubicle. Thus, preventing both the environmental and economical impacts of SF6 emission.
For more information you may contact:

Gil Dagan -Operations Manager
Danny Englander-Applications Engineer

Carbon Membranes Ltd.
Rotem Industrial Park
D.N. Arava, 86800
Tel: +972 (0)7-655-5961
Fax:+972 (0)7-655-4888

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