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The Magnesium Home Page
 Properties of Magnesium Alloys

This section on magnesium properties will be slowly built with time. There are 2 good databases available on magnesium properties, one put together by Magnesium Elektron and the other by Norsk Hydro. Both have declined an invitation to allow The Magnesium Home Page use these databases. Therefore we suggest that you contact them yourself to obtain copies.

A section on the properties of the cast magnesium alloys AM60 and AZ91 have been reproduced with kind permission from ASM International. This data contains information on a range of properties including mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.

Northern Diecast list a range of properties on their web site which may be of interest.

If you have some data that you would like to share with the rest of the magnesium industry, please contact us.

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