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The Magnesium Home Page

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Industry Associations
Magnesium Casting Companies
Suppliers of Equipment for the Magnesium Industry
Magnesium Producers (current and potential new)
Magnesium Surface Finishing Companies
Magnesium Research Organisations
Magnesium Consultants
Magnesium Traders
Other Magnesium Links

Industry Associations

Australian Die Casting Association
Foundry South Australia
International Magnesium Association (IMA)
Chinese Magnesium Association
TMS Light Metals Division
The Institute of Materials
The Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum
The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
The South African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
ASM International
American Foundrymen's Society (AFS)
North American Die Casting Association (NADCA)
Canadian Foundry Association
Diecasting Development Council
American Metalcasting Consortium
International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
Other Materials Science sites around the world

Magnesium Casting Companies

Acme Die Casting
American Precision Castings
American Racing
Bridgestone TG Australia Ltd
Chia Seng Pei
Chicago Magnesium Casting Co.
Chicago White Metal Casting, Inc.
CMS Hartzell
Contech Division, SPX Corporation
Curto-Ligonier Foundries Co.
Del Mar Die Casting Co.
Diemakers, Inc.
Dynacast Inc.
Empire Die Casting
Fonderia Flabo
Gibbs Die Casting Corporation
Haley Industries
Harvard Industries
Hitchcock Industries, Inc.
InTerMag Technologies, Inc.
Laukötter Gusstechnick
Lite Metals Company
Lunt Manufacturing Company, Inc.
Magnesium Aluminium Corporation
Magnesium Services Limited
Meridian Technologies
Northern Diecast
Phillips Plastics Magnesium Injection Molding
Pierburg AG
Product Technologies Inc.
Prototype Casting Inc.
Simalex Custom Pressure Die Casting
Spartan Light Metal Products
Thixomat, Inc.
Thixotech, Inc.
Trimag Division of Haley Industries
UK Racing Castings
Waffer Technology Corp.

Suppliers of Equipment for the Magnesium Industry

Alan Worswick (Engineering) Ltd.
American Tank and Fabricating Company
Ditta Musto Magnesium Crucibles
Dynamic Materials Corporation
Friedrich + Pfuderer GmbH Furnace Engineering
Hishinuma Machinery Company
IDRA Presse
Metal Works Limited - Metamag Furnaces
Oskar Frech GmbH & Co.
Prince Machine Corporation
Sand Systems, Inc.

Magnesium Producers (current and potential new)

Australian Magnesium Corporation
Dead Sea Magnesium Ltd.
Hydro Magnesium
Magnesium Alloy Corporation
Magnesium Elektron (MEL)
Minhe Magnesium
Mt. Grace Resources
Pacific Magnesium (formerly Golden Triangle Resources)
Noranda Magnesium (Magnola)
Northwest Alloys
Pechiney Electrometallurgique - Magnesium Division
Rima Industrial S/A
Solikamsk Magnesium Works
UBE Industries
VAMI - Russian Aluminium and Magnesium Institute

Magnesium Surface Finishing Companies

Anacote Corporation
Crompton Technology Group (Keronite)
Franz Oberflächentechnik GmbH and Co KG
Luke Engineering (Magoxid-Coat)
Ingram and Glass Ltd
Isle Coat Ltd (Keronite)
Magnesium Technology Ltd (New Zealand)
Miller Plating and Metal Finishing Inc.
Poeton Industries Ltd

Magnesium Industry Consultants

Clark and Marron
Magnesium News and Views (Bob Brown)

Magnesium Traders

F and NF Metals, Italy
Hudson Metal Recycling, USA
M and B Magnesium - sheet and plate, Canada

Other Magnesium Links

The latest magnesium industry news
Hypomagnesemia and Hypermagnesemia
aXcess australia Concept Car
Recycler's World
Magnesium deficiency, heart attack and drinking water

Unrelated Links

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