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Australian Die Castings


Australian Die Castings is a Division of Forgecast Australia Pty Ltd.

A.D.C. has annual sales of A$17 million and employs 160 people on the one site at Springvale.

Die casting has been carried out by A.D.C. and its predecessor company (Huckson) at this location since 1932.


The company produces contract zinc and aluminium pressure die castings and completed components and assemblies. The company has also been recently investigating high-pressure diecasting of magnesium using the CAST Rauch Mobile Magnesium Melter.

One particular area of engineering specialty is the control over porosity in aluminium castings by the use of vacuum and supplementary squeeze technology. This is employed where high integrity castings are required in applications for fluid or gas under pressure where extensive machining is required or mechanical properties are important.

Typical automotive products are: Aluminium: Oil Pump Air Conditioning Components Water Pump Steering Components Water Inlets and Outlets Mounting Brackets Zinc: Steering Lock Systems Electroplated and Powder Coated Door Handles

We also produce the Huckson proprietary range of mallets and builders hardware.


We service the following automotive customers in Australia:

Other major non-automotive customers include:


To date, our direct exports are limited to high integrity contract aluminium castings to Europe and automotive components to South East Asia. Aluminium die cast generator engine components to Japan.

Australian Die Castings

A Division of Forgecast Australia Pty. Ltd. (ACN 069 691 596)
1-3 Newcomen Road, Springvale, Victoria, 3171

Telephone (+61 3) 9546 4022
Facsimile (+61 3) 9562 3073

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